Mendini Violin Reviews: An In Depth Look

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Finding a trustworthy brand that covers all your needs from a violin can be tedious and overwhelming. In fact, it can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

For that matter, today, we’ll be having a full overview of Mendini’s history as a brand, as well as having a closer look at some of its best products while providing reliable Mendini violins reviews. Let’s dive in.

Mendini Violins Legacy

Mendini is a musical instruments brand that has been a subsidiary of the renowned brand Cecilio, that’s why the full name of the brand is “Mendini by Cecilio”. They specialize in making many musical instruments as well as musical instruments’ accessories.

However, their most important field in the industry is making string instruments such as cellos, violas, and violins.

Not only do they specialize in the violin craft, but they’re also known to be one of the most affordable makers in the market. Although they come at a very decent price tag, they’re known for their endurance and sturdiness.

Another common feature of Mendini violins is that they’re known to be beginner, student, and intermediate level friendly, all the while being approved and recommended by many violin teachers.

That’s why you’re going to stumble across many violin newcomers rooting for Mendini violins for their ease of tuning, quick assembling, modest price, and being sturdy enough to live for years to come.

Despite the numerous merits of Mendini, one of their few downsides is having relatively weaker strings, so you’re going to replace them after some time of using.

Mendini violins are marketed in a range series called MV series, much like Ceicilo’s CVN series, except they come at a much cheaper price.

The best part about Mendini is that they’ve got a wide array of violins that you can pick from. The offered models can satisfy all sorts of violinists while also suiting everyone’s budget.

Top 4 Mendini Violin Reviews in 2023

Mendini MV200 Violin

Kicking off our list with our first violin in the series. The MV200 is the basic model made by Mendini.

They’re one of the cheapest violins you can find. However, they still offer a decent violin to its buyers.

This contributed to making the MV200 one of the highly recommended violins by music teachers and experts.

Coming at a reasonable price, the MV200 had to undergo through some sacrifices, firstly, the violin is factory-made, although the wood quality isn’t bad at all.

Among the wood types used in the violin is spruce wood, used to make the top piece, they also happen to be hand-carved, and maple for the fingerboard as well as each side of the violin plus the back.

The pegs and fitting are made of ebony, which is the same one used in other higher quality violins, along with a bow made of Mongolian horsehair.

Although nothing is wrong with its sound quality, its factory-made strings aren’t as durable as its body.

However, replacing these strings with a new better set of violin strings would still cost less than buying one of those expensive violins. We’ve tested this theory and found out that Pirastro Chromcors strings work on it just fine.

It’s recommended only for absolute beginners, ones who’ve never touched a violin before.

However, if you’ve no problem with money, spending some extra bucks will get you more value for your money.


  • An excellent price that won’t make a hole in your pocket.
  • Comes with a hard case, shoulder rest, rosin, and chin rest
  • Grants  1-year warranty


  • Poor strings durability that requires to be replaced

Mendini MV300 Violin

Arriving second on our list, the Mendini MV300 violins feature some of the attributes and materials used in the Mendini MV200 violin.

The MV300 is also another wonderful option for beginners and intermediate level players who are on a budget. They also come in different sizes ranging up to full-sized 4/4 violins.

Unlike the Mendini MV200 generic factory-made parts, Mendini had its MV300 fully handcrafted for maximum attention to curves and allowing for extra comfortable handling while playing.

Additionally, they also come with an alloy tailpiece similar to the ones in MV200 violins, along with the spruce wood top piece, maple back and sides, and the ebony pegs.

One of the main visual differences between the MV300 and the MV200 is how they’re finished, as contrary to the varnish finished MV200, the MV300 offers a more satin or matte finish.

These set of carefully chosen wood types were aimed to give the violin a more precious sound quality and a nice cut for its exceptional price.

Moreover, they also come with a hard violin case for ease of carrying and portability, along with a fine brazilwood bow. Featuring a one-year full warranty against all manufacturing defects.

Mendini has given extra care while making of the MV300 bridges, the violin comes with two high-quality bridges, a shoulder rest, and a chin rest.

Furthermore, MV300 improved its string sets, which allows for smoother playing. Since being scratchy is inevitable when you start learning, so adding scratchy strings to the mix is just a recipe for disaster.

The best part here is that shoulder rest can be quite expensive to buy separately, but Mendini MV300 has got you covered, so as a beginner you won’t have to worry about having any missing piece here or there.


  • Getting an entire violin set with extra spare parts for its price is simply astonishing
  • Smooth strings that are highly essential for beginners


  • The tuning pins slip more often than it should

Mendini MV500 Violin

Landing in style, the Mendini MV500 violin is a complete game-changer when it comes to design and quality of making a violin.

Although the price tag on this violin is pretty higher than the previous models, it still presents itself as a 4/4 mid-range violin that costs quite less than other competing violins of the same level.

As you’d expect from an advanced and a more pricey Mendini violin, the MV500 has a superb tune and higher class music than the previous MV models.

MV500 violins are completely carved on hand, and not just that, the violins back and sides are hand-carved out of a single piece of supreme quality maple wood. The same goes for the solid spruce violin head.

Adding to the sensual touch on the violin, the tailpieces, the pegs, and the readily detachable tuners, are all carved out of ebony wood.

The hand carving ensures that the violin is created with great attention to those little details that separate between an average violin, and a one of a kind violin.

All that is topped with an exquisitely decorated flamed design and a top-notch varnish finish that would give the other brands’ designs a run for their money.

The violin offers a heartfelt yet powerful tone, thanks to its premium quality materials and the care given while making them.

The full set of the violin includes a luxury style hard case for the violin, in addition to Cecilio’s 92D string tuner with a metronome, 2 bows made of brazilwood with rosin cake for the bow, shoulder rest, chin rest, and a set of ampler grade strings.

MV500 is exclusively targeted to those intermediate stage violin students who are ready to take off their training wheels and explore the full potential of their violins.


  • Exceptional sound quality for a relatively lower price
  • The luxurious design adds up to the value of the violin


  • The flaming on the back doesn’t match the front quite well

Mendini MV650 Violin

Last but not least, arriving from the top of the shelf, the MV650 is the highest tier violin offered by Mendini’s MV series.

Packed with tons of features, highest caliber elements, and impeccable sound quality, the Mendini MV650 really lives up to the Mendini’s flagship title it holds.

It provides the ultimate level of luxury as well as the greatest level of detail in one piece of a magnificent violin.

The Mendini MK500 violin back is all hand-carved of maple wood in addition to being all fitted with ebony pieces,

Moreover, Mendini took the level of attention to detail to a whole new level with the MK500 violin, they’ve detailed carving almost everywhere on the violin, including the tuning pegs and the end pins of the violin.

The mother of pearl inlay along with the signature flamed finish and the gold plated pins give a full sense of antiquity and extravagance to the MV650.

Regarding the sound quality, the MV650 is as radiant as it gets, the harmonious tone it produces really differs from any of the previous models of Mendini’s MV series.

Finally, as Mendini’s MV series always presents, they come with a fitting compact case, two brazilwood bows, rosin cakes, shoulder, and chin rests, all with a free Cecilio 92D string toner with a metronome and one-year warranty.


  • The violin looks even better in real life than its pictures
  • The music quality is unrivaled in terms of quality and depth


  • The fingerboard slightly points to the left and not exactly centered, which takes time to get used to.

Wrap Up

Mendini violins are diverse and every model’s features vary widely, this can even make the same feature in a model charming to some and upsetting for others.

In fact, this can be the best part of Mendini’s violins, they can target different audiences for each one of their violins, all the while having the perfect mix between some signature Mendini features, and custom features for each of their models.

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